Social responsIbility

North-Western Shipping Company employs over 1,030 people including shipboard personnel numbering 881 people.

NWSC is a tight-knit team of highly-qualified professionals ensuring efficient implementation of the company’s business strategy.

NWSC employer-employee relations are regulated by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Maritime Transport Agreement and the Collective Agreement.

Each ship under the management of NWSC is certified in compliance the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006.

The shipping company employees hold membership of the primary trade union organization which is a part of the Water Transport Workers’ of Russian Federation.

The company has been paying permanent attention to its employees’ health protection and work safety as required by the labour legislation of the Russian Federation. Each employee is provided with the voluntary health insurance policy.

Shipowners’ obligation on delivery of health-care services to seafarers performing their employment duties is ensured by the Collective Agreement, the Maritime Labor Convention (2006) and the Federal Maritime Transport Agreement. While on the voyage, seafarers are guaranteed any medical aid. Shipowners’ liability towards crewmembers is covered by P&I Club insurance. If necessary, P&I representatives coordinate all emergency medical treatment actions including hospital confinement and repatriation.