Transportation by inland water ways

During the navigation season on inland water ways (from April through November), part of the company's fleet is involved in direct (transshipment-free) deliveries of export/import cargo and in transit transportation of cargo between seaports of Europe and river port of Russia and neighboring states (both directions).

Types of cargo carried by IWW:

  • Project cargo (equipment)
  • Oversize facilities and modules
  • General cargo
  • Dry bulk cargo

By rivers and lakes of Russia, NWSC vessels and articulated tug-barge units deliver equipment for production and processing of oil and gas on the shelf and coastal part of the Caspian states, Russian refineries, companies of nuclear power industry, chemical industry, machine building and shipbuilding industries.

During IWW navigation period, river-sea going vessels make over 40 voyages to transport equipment.

Every year, NWSC transports about 570,000 tonnes of cargo by domestic routes.

From the river ports of the Vologda and Leningrad regions and the Republic of Karelia NWSC exports up to 120,000 cbm of round wood to the ports of Sweden and Finland as well as up to 110,000 cbm of sawn wood to the ports of France and the Great Britain.

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