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Results of the North-Western Shipping Company activity in the 9 months of 2014

21 October 2014
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Following the results of activity in the 9 months of 2014 JSC North-Western Shipping Company showed pretty good financial results, despite the difficult conditions connected with the general economic environment and a situation of low water on the internal waterways of Russia.

For the reporting period the volume of shipping company vessels transportation made 4.4 million tons. Due to the restrictions for river shipping in navigation of 2014, and also reduction of the fleet general tonnage due to leaving of vessels  the age of which exceed s 30 years, 11% less of freights in comparison with 2013 are transported, that, in general, correspond to forecasts of the company.

Despite falling of cargo transportation, the Company increased the income from freight activity by 24% to 4,5 billion rubles, thanks to actions of efficiency increasing . The increase in financial showing was also affected by growth of a share of the high-rated freights in the transportations structure: grains, fertilizers, ferrous metals, project freights.

In the general nomenclature of the freights transported by company’s  fleet, grain transportations increased by 20% to 1.35 million tons, timber freights - by 7% to 0.4 million tons that is caused by a good  grain harvest in Russia and the CIS countries. Transportations of chemical and mineral fertilizers remained at the level of a similar index of 2013 and made 0.8 million tons. Transportations of ferrous metals decreased by 20% to 0.88 million tons.

The share of transportation by new vessels increased to 32% from the total volume of the transportation.

Ten «Amethyst» vessels of DCV36 project and seven «Neva – Leader» vessels of RSD49 project, transported 1.4 million tons of freights.

Export transportations remained at the level of a similar index of last year and made 2.37 million tons, import transportations at the level of 0.4 million tons, transportations between foreign ports made 1,47 million tons.