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North-Western Shipping Company celebrates its 95th anniversary

31 January 2018
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On 30 January 2018, North-Western Shipping Company (PJSC NWSC, a company of UCL Holding) celebrated 95 years from its foundation.

The ceremonial event on the occasion was held in Saint-Petersburg, in the halls of the famous Nokolayevsky Palace. The celebrations were attended by Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of Saint-Petersburg; Victor Olersky, Deputy Minister of Transport; Igor Fedorov, General Director of the managing company of UCL Holding; representatives of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region authorities, water transport organizations and industry focused educational institutions; partners, employees and veterans of the shipping company; journalists of municipal and federal media.

«North-Western Shipping Company is one of the largest carriers in the system of water transport. Throughout the years of its fruitful activities the company contributed a lot to the development of shipping and securing the status of our city as the Maritime Capital of Russia. Today, it is a dynamically developing company with cherished and newly accumulated traditions of the domestic fleet. Well coordinated work of the shipping company is a perfect driver of commercial relations between the Russian regions and cooperation with the foreign partners», Saint-Petersburg Governor Georgy Potavchenko said at the ceremony. He wished North-Western Shipping Company further prosperity and new labour achievements for the benefit of the city and the country.

According to Victor Olersky, Deputy Transport Minister of Russia, the company has been remaining a leader in the market of domestic and import/export transportation, for almost a century, regardless of coming and going periods. On behalf of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, all seafarers and river workers of the country, he congratulated the team of the shipping company on the dignified anniversary and wished them new professional success.

Igor Fedorov, General Director of the managing company of UCL Holding, congratulated the employees and the veterans of North-Western Shipping Company on behalf of the management and shareholders of the international transportation group UCL Holding.

«On the day of celebration North-Western Shipping Company can be justifiably proud of its history. It is a memorable story of dedication in severe period of heroic defense when Leningrad was under the siege during the Great Patriotic War. It is a postwar period of everyday work, marine and river transportation of millions of tons of national economy cargo when the water transport industry was on the rise in the Soviet Union. It is our common history of global transformation together with the country, shaping of an efficient and competitive shipping company that helps unlock the export/import potential of Russia”, emphasized Igor Fedorov adding that an anniversary is not only for remembering and thanking of distinguished veterans, paying tribute and awarding of the best company specialists but also for looking into the future development plans.

«I think we can look ahead with confidence as the key values of our company are being preserved and developed. Among them are, first of all, qualified and responsible offshore/onshore personnel, upon which the company’s success and growth is based. Improving our professional skills and expanding our competence we, I am sure, will be able to continue offering our clients high quality services ensuring export-import operations and properly carrying on glorious traditions of North-Western Shipping Company», said Igor Fedorov.

On the occasion of the anniversary a festive evening was held including the ceremony of awarding the employees of North-Western Shipping Company with national awards from the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, Russian Chamber of Shipping, Saint-Petersburg Government and Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region.