For shareholders and investors

This section contains information about North-Western Shipping Company PJSC subject to disclosure by emitters as required by the executive body of the Russian Federation regulating activities in the securities market.

Copies of documents foreseen by Article No 91 of the Federal Law on Joint-Stock Companies are provided to security holders and other stakeholders within 7 days from the day they are claimed for a fee not exceeding the expenditures connected with copying.

Non-cash payment is foreseen:
transaction account 40702810255230156649, Central Branch of Sberbank No 1991/786, North-Western Bank of Sberbank of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, BIK 044030653, correspondent account 30101810500000000653.

Recipient: North-Western Shipping Company PJSC, INN 7812023195, KPP 785050001.

Recipient address: Room 1-Н, Block 3 Building A, Pirogov street, Saint-Petersburg, 190000.

The documents are available at the Russian version of the website.