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20 of July 2017

During the first half-year of 2017 the volume of shipments undertaken by the vessels of North-Western Shipping Company (NWSC) (the company is a member of UCL Holding) equaled to 2.76 million tons, which is 5% higher than the volume during the corresponding period last year.

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16 of June 2012

According to information recently circulated in Russian and foreign media, bulk cargo vessel Professor Katsman operated by JSC North-Western Shipping Company (part of UCL Holding group) allegedly delivered some arms to Syria. The company officially presents the results of internal investigation to avoid any further circulation of absurd speculations.

28 of February 2012

On February 24, 2012 the meeting of the Board of Directors of JSC “Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg” (“SP of SPb”) took place. At this meeting its Head was elected.

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22 of May 2012

The North-Western Shipping Company’s shipbuilding program provides for building of 10 cargo vessels. And besides, the Company will accept for management 12 more motor vessels that are being built on order by UCL Holding. As noted by Albert Vygovskiy, Managing Director of the JS «North-Western Shipping Company», the Company faces problems of how to renew the fleet and increase its carrying capacity.

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The Mediterranean Sea is the dirtiest sea in the world: each cubic meter of its water contains 33 types of waste products, there are 10 grams of oil products per liter, and over 1900 various objects per square kilometer of the sea bottom.

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