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Social responsibility

The North-Western Shipping Company and its subsidiaries register about 1150 workers including about 970 workers — shipboard personnel.

Development of human resources is considered by the Company as one of the fundamentals for its long-term sustainable development. Improvement and strengthening of the corporate culture in the Shipping Company is intended to produce in each worker the feeling of being involved in performance of the Company’s mission and strategic tasks. The Company seeks to maintain wages at the level adopted in the industry and adequate to the final result of labor.

In the Shipping Company, with its history of many decades, there are many sailor dynasties, which transfer their professional experience from one generation to another. The Company strives to create conditions that allow each officer develop and use his creativity, and improve his professional training.

An increase in responsibility and independence through introduction of professional training standards is considered by the Company as an important factor in personnel motivation. Job interview rules out any possibility of political, religious or racial discrimination that bear no relation to a worker’s competence and qualifications.

The Company complies with labor and tax laws, observes  The Collective bargaining agreement, improves labor conditions, and has an effective occupational scheme «Social Development».

The Company gives consideration to workers’ health protection and work safety.

The officers are all provided with medical insurance policies. Partial payment is provided for officers’ medical treatment at sanatoriums and recreation of their children at recreational camps.

The Council of Veterans existed for over 30 years and now registers 330 veterans. Veterans receive a material aid on the Victory Day, Professional Holidays, and March 8.

Performances are given by children of the North-Western Shipping Company’s officers at cultural events

Principal events in the life of officers and plans for development of the Company are regularly given coverage to on the pages of «Volgo-Nevsky Prospekt», that is, the newspaper promoted by the North-Western Shipping Company.

During some years the Shipping Company sponsored New Year parties at the charitable organizations for medical treatment of seriously ill children.

Since 1984 the Shipping Company has held sports contests, with the participation of not only the Company’s officers, but also members of their families.