Volga Shipping Company

'Volga Shipping' is one of the largest shipping companies in Russia. It transports cargo and passengers on rivers, lakes, inland waterways and coastal areas of the Russian Federation. The annual total turnover is 4.5 million tonnes cargo.

'Volga Shipping' includes technical terminals and shipyards for modernisation, renovation and maintenance of the fleet. Its fleet consists  of over 200 cargo ships, including 73 ships of Volga-Don type, 10 RSD44 ships, 50 tugboats and 78 barges.


With participation of JSC 'Volga Shipping Company', the company LLC 'Volga-Flot Tanker' was founded in 2000 to transport oil products. This company was created to transport oil, which is produced on plants in the areas of the rivers Belaya and Kama, to St Petersburg, Vysotsk and then to the final destination ports.

Tankers from the project 05074T (capacity 5,000 tonnes), tankers from the project 587 (capacity 3,140 tonnes) and oil barges from the project R156ST (capacity 4,140 tonnes), project 82380 (capacity 4,710 tonnes), and project 05074 VFT capacity 4,750 tonnes) are used to handle oil transportation.

OKA Shipyard

JSC 'OKA Shipyard' was founded in 1907 and is a company dedicated to the construction of medium-tonnage vessels.

The main activities of the company are: shipbuilding (bulk oil and dry cargo medium-tonnage vessels for combined navigation, container ships, special vessels and barges), bridge building (mobile pontoons, different types of road bridges) and metal constructions.

Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg

JSC 'Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg' is the largest group of stevedoring companies in the Port Saint-Petersburg and the North-West of Russia. It provides a full range of stevedoring services round the clock 365 days a year. Annual capacity exceeds 10 million tonnes of cargo. The port accepts all types of cargo on vessels with up to 60,000 DWT and draft up to 11 metres.

The Group has new specialised terminals for handling cars, ro-ro, general and bulk cargo, as well as containers, at its disposal. Its total of 34 berths has a cumulative length of 6,000 metres and depths up to 11 metres. Its equipment includes 300 specialised cranes, 80 gantry cranes with 40 tonnes capacity and a floating crane with 300 tonnes capacity. Total storage area is approximately 600,000 square metres of which 55,000 square metres are covered.

Container Terminal of Saint-Petersburg

The Container Terminal 'FSC' handles all types of export and import containers, including reefer, and is located on the territory of the fourth stevedoring area in the seaport of St Petersburg. Total capacity of the container terminal in the first operational phase is 345,000 TEUs per annum.

The terminal is equipped with four STS, 10 RTG’s, forklift trucks with capacity over three tonnes and other terminal equipment. Total area of the terminal is 28.7 hectares and capacity for simultaneous storage of containers is 8,000 TEUs.

Multipurpose Reloading Complex

'Universal Handling Complex' (UHC) at the port of Ust-Luga specialises in receiving, storing and shipping all types of general and bulk cargo for export and import. Annual handling capacity of the complex is three million tonnes of cargo. On the two piers of the complex, with a cumulative total length of 585 metres, ships with up to 60,000 DWT and draft up to 11 metres are handled.

UHC’s equipment includes nine gantry cranes with a total capacity of up to 32 tonnes, nine different forklift trucks with lifting capacity from 2.5 to 11.5 tonnes. The total area of the terminal is 15.8 hectares of which 5.6 hectares are open storage space.

Additionally, the territory of UHC is equipped with a state border control point for the entry to Russia.

Tuapse Sea Commercial Port

'Tuapse Commercial Sea Port' is the main terminal operator of one of the biggest Ports in Rusia, the Sea port of Tuapse. It handles oil and dry cargo, and has a specialised facility for grain.

Annual turnover of the port is 20 million tonnes of cargo. The port can handle ships with a DWT up to 100,000 tonnes at the oil terminal and up to 55,000 tonnes at the dry cargo terminal, and a total draft of 12 metres.

JSC 'TCSP' has 15 berths with a cumulative total length of 3,600 metres and a depth of 12 metres, 29 gantry cranes with a capacity from six to 60 tonnes and 44 specialised cranes. The open storage area is 40,000 square metres and the indoor storage area is 7,000 square metres.

Taganrog Sea Commercial Port

'Taganrog Commercial Sea Port' plays a key role in the Azov Sea basin. Thanks to its unique geographical position it is one of the most cost-effective routes from Central Russia, Siberia, the Urals and Central Asia.

'Taganrog Commercial Sea Port' is a universal port where the handling of petroleum, export/import cargo (including 20−foot and 40−foot containers) is possible all year-round. Annual turnover of the port is about 1.3 million tonnes. Vessels with DWT up to seven tonnes and draft up to five metres are accepted.

JSC 'TCSP' has seven berths with a cumulative total length of 1100 thousand metres and depth of 4.7 metres. Its equipment has a cargo handling capacity from five to 32 tonnes.

Universal Forwarder

The company provides sea and river vessel cargo transportation, shiping agency services in the Azov-Black Sea basin, cargo handling at the maritime and river ports of Russia, CIS and Europe, as well as multimodal and intermodal transportation. It has an extensive branch network in Russia.

Freight One

JSC 'Freight One' is the largest owner and operator of railcars in Russia with 218 000 units of rolling stock including open-top railcars, tank cars, flat wagons and other types of railcars.

The company provides full-scale cargo transportation services inside Russia and by the International routes.

Freight One is represented in 14 cities of Russia as well as in the Ukraine and Finland.

Market share in Russia is more than 20%.

Independent Transportation Company

Established in 2001, Independent Transportation Company (NTK) is now one of the leading freight transportation companies in Russia. The Company performing home-based and international rail cargo transportations.

NTK handles its own rolling stock of 27 000 rail trucks, about 26 000 of which is an open-top wagons. Company’s branches are situated in Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk and a town of Redwa in Sverdlovsk Region. The Company also has a joint venture with JSC Russian Railways — car-repair depot Gryazi in Lipetskaya Region.

The Company offers complete logistic services over the whole territory of Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries. Transportation volume of NTK in 2010 was more than 54,5 millions of tons. Net profit in 2010 (RAS) was 832 mln RUR.


Shipping Company 'Vodohod' is a full-cycle travel company and Russia’s largest river cruise operator.

Company offers cruises from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Samara and Nizhniy Novgorod along the main rivers of the European part of Russia and popular tourist routes. Minor passenger fleet also performs regular passenger transportation in North-Western, Central and Volga federal regions.

Passenger fleet of «Vodohod» consists of comfortable three-deck and four-deck cruise vessels with average capacity of 250 people as well as minor passenger vessels — high-speed carriers of 'Meteor' type and cruisers.

Uniting of the other two cruise companies of VBTH — «Vodohod-Saint-Petersberg» and 'Volga-Fleet-Tour' — under the 'Vodohod' brand allowed to optimize the management system of cruise trades, to increase safety level, to introduce unified quality standards of tourist product and services on board and yet to preserve differentiated regional price policy.

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