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Human capital is the principal factor in successful development of the Company. The North-Western Shipping Company offers good labor conditions to its staff, as based on development of and compliance with standards for effective official behavior, civilized interpersonal and social relations.

The North-Western Shipping Company’s staff is the team of professionals adequately qualified and motivated for highly productive labor to implement the Company’s business strategy and business plans.

To maintain mutual confidence and understanding, and achieve high economic results and ensure well-being of each officer, social labor relations are regulated by the Collective Agreement between the North-Western Shipping Company and Primary Trade-Union Organization of the North-Western Shipping Company, North-Western Interregional Trade Union of Water Transport Workers.

The North-Western Shipping Company maintains continuity of corporate culture while encouraging development of new corporate values that allow each officer to be motivated for achievement of the stated objectives, and guarantee fair remuneration for labor, professional development and promotion.

The North-Western Shipping Company has a long-time history of successful interaction with professional training institutions. The priority is the principle of instruction individualization in choosing educational programs to improve personal qualification and provide advanced training for its staff.


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